lindy hop
Intermediate, advanced, advanced plus levels.
To partecipate in the ADVANCED PLUS LEVEL during the registration, you will be asked a video link.
solo jazz
Intermediate and advanced levels.
We also expect an INVITATIONAL LEVEL; if you want to partecipate in this level, you can apply.
Beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.
We also expect an INVITATIONAL LEVEL; if you want to partecipate in this level, you can apply.
slow BAL
Open level

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open LEVEL
Slow Bal / Taster Classes

To enter in this level you don’t necessarily need to be familiar with the discipline; you just need some previous experience in any form of dance. If you already know discipline, you can delve deeper!


For this level you don’t need previous knowledge. Is very important to start with the first lesson of the beginner track because you can’t jump into a later class without knowing the basics, the three classes build on each other to lead you step by step to your dances.

Lindy Hop / Jazz / Balboa

To join the intermediate level you need to have been dancing at last more than one year, you must be absolutely confident in your basics and in different variations. You want to improve your dance vocabulary by learning new steps and variations, but also want to be able to express yourself better.

Lindy Hop / Jazz / Balboa

To attend this level you must be an expert dancer and you attended many workshops. You’d like to improve the quality of your movements, your musicality, and your leading or following. You can use different rhythmical variations and improvise without fear. You can dance fluently to slow and faster music without any problems!

Lindy Hop

The advanced+ level is the highest level and you absolutely need to send us a video link during the application. For an advanced+ class you need to be dancing on a high level for a long time and you shared the dancefloor in many international scenes. You are able to quickly master new steps and variations and easily adjust to different partners and their different styles. 

Balboa: Andreas & Olga / Solo Jazz: Egle

To be part of this class you mast be a dance nerd! If you are an experienced dancer who has participated in many international workshops and competitions and who teaches, you can participate at this level! If you wish to partecipate, please flag the box for the invitation level and you will receive a dedicated form.